Math Formulas


My vision is to see the Columbia Heights School District become a school district of choice for families. I think most parents can name the districts that lead in academics around the Twin Cities. Families move into those districts because of the high academic performance of the schools.

I believe our district can become competitive and draw new families to our community if we can improve our academic proficiencies. When our district becomes in demand, our property values rise, and new businesses move in to meet the needs of our families. Our students succeed and our entire community prospers!

I realize this is a big vision and it will take time and significant effort to achieve. Our children are behind the curve and have been for some time. But I care about children and their future. Since my own children are grown and are no longer in school, I have no personal conflict of interest as a member of the board. I care about education for all children and will be an objective leader.

I am a leader who wants to provide our advanced and gifted learners an environment that challenges them and also provide the support needed for our learners who may be falling behind. As a member of the Columbia Heights School Board, I will work diligently to foster programs that promote academic excellence.

My Top Priorities

Academic Excellence

Our students need to master "The Basics": Reading, Writing, Math and Science. 

Financial Stewardship & Transparency

Parents, taxpayers and other stakeholders deserve someone on the board who can provide clarity and transparency to the financial numbers. Budgets will be scrutinized. I will not be a "rubber stamp".

Parent Collaboration

Parents are the primary educators of their children and have the right to be actively involved in their schools. I will collaborate with parents to find solutions to their concerns.

School Safety

Our schools should be a safe learning environment without fear of predators or violence. No parent should have to worry about their child's safety while at school.