Our children are losing ground when it comes to the basics. Studies show that if kids are not proficient in reading by the 4th grade, they will struggle in the higher grades or fall further behind. After 4th grade, a student is reading to learn versus learning to read. Math problems, science and other courses require a proficiency in reading to be able to understand the content clearly.


After COVID, our challenges only got more difficult. Distance learning on computers require significant focus and reading. Therefore, distance learning for many children was not beneficial and these students struggled.

On the positive side - we have amazing teachers and staff who care about our students and want them to succeed. Students overwhelmingly believe their teachers care about them and their needs. With teachers and staff working hard to build strong relationships with our students, and teaching and mentoring with excellence, I am convinced we can turn things around. 

You can find this data and much more at the Minnesota Department of Education - Minnesota Report Card website at: Minnesota Report Card (mn.gov)

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